How to Train Chess Tactics?

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Get the most from training chess tactics

See the moves in your mind before making them on the board.

This is the software that is going to separate you from the pretenders at your club or in your online chess games. You’ll be able to see an incredible 8 moves ahead in your chess tactics visualization training.

TheVisualwize tactics training program lets you -

Train with 240 selected visualization training exercises

Work through 1200 moves to visualize

Develop your calculation skill - save lots of thinking time since you won't need to think about the same move over and over!

Avoid making blunders and mistakes which make you lose the game instantly.

Save lots of thinking time - you won't need to calculate variations over and over because you will clearly see the consequences of your move in your mind.

Increase your tactical awareness since the program requires you to see the tactics in an imaginary position.

Train Your Brain to See 8 Moves Ahead so You Can Wipe the Board with Your Competition and Dominate Tournaments

See what other users say who have used the Visualwize program:

Testimonials from Visualwize owners

I have used the Visualwize program extensively and my visualization skills have significantly improved. Also, the program has helped my pattern recognition skills. The mating combinations demonstrated by these chess masters in actual games were brilliant and remarkable. I highly recommend this program.
- Gordon Presley, United States 

This is a great program. Thinking deep is a lot easier for me now and I can see the moves much clearer than before. I am not sure how but somehow I even make much less mistakes with my notation since I practiced with Visualwize, it is like I know the squares on the board better!
- Erich Wiehan, South Africa

Thanks, this program made me win more games online... Its amazing... The best thing about it is that it doesn't allow us to move pieces that improves the thinking capability a lot... Thanks a lot :)
 - Ajay Raghav, India

 I am very enthusiastic about this tool and I find it very educational. I mean: even in blitz I have begun to see these tactics that go couple moves deep already after couple days of working with it.
 - Lauri Lahnasalo, Finland

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Price: $39

At only $39 this chess tactics training software costs less than only one or two hours with a chess coach. Buy it now to start seeing more moves and slaughtering your competition!