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Name Of The Chess Pieces

Chess is one of the oldest board games known to man, and the chess pieces used are as distinctive as any game pieces you’ll ever see. Even people whoever have never played the game recognize a set of chess pieces immediately. Once simply functional, today’s chess men are works of art that many serious players collect for their beauty as well as their utilitarian purpose.

Choice of Chessmen Reflects Other Interests

In fact, collecting chess pieces has spilled over to collectors of many other kinds. Chess players can now combine their interest in history, science fiction or rare woods and carvings with their passion for chess. The reason? The beautifully designed and carved chess pieces that are central to the game are now offered in styles to reflect every taste and interest.

If you’re a Civil War history buff, a chess set with Civil War figures can bring an extra bit of excitement as you and your opponent pit North against South once again. Other history fans will appreciate a chess match-up between Greeks and Romans or medieval troops.

Or perhaps fantasy chess pieces are more your style, with one side’s knights pitted against the other sides dragons. Wizards, peasants and fair damsels can all bring a touch of magic to the chess board. So, are you an animal lover? There are even chess sets featuring cats and dogs the perfect chess set for the chess playing veterinarian or animal lover.

An Amazing Array of Materials

Your first chess pieces were probably those red and black plastic ones that come in affordable boxed chess boards (along with checkers) that most beginners learn on. You’re well past that stage now, and you deserve something finer. The materials that are used for chess pieces are almost limitless.

The most desirable is wood, but that’s a broad category encompassing such fine-grained woods as rosewood, maple and ebony. Each of these woods might be stained in various rich, lustrous finishes that make each piece from rook to king a tiny example of the woodworker’s art.

Other materials that demonstrate your exquisite taste are alabaster, brass and marble resins. These perfect chess pieces have one-of-a-kind detailing that you will appreciate every time you use them or leave them out for display in your home. Marble resins are especially attractive because they might be hand-carved into beautifully rendered figures, and then stained in full color for amazing historical accuracy for historically themed chess sets.

With so many gorgeous chess pieces available, is it any wonder that more people every year decide to have several sets? Consider having a set for everyday play, a set for those special occasions and others simply for display. It is an affordable, functional form of art that has a long and illustrious history as the game of kings.

Play Chess Online For Kids

There are a number of theories available relating to chess opening play and these are practiced almost everywhere around the world although you will also find there are a number of variations to these Chess Opening plays available. Because of the large number of opening play variations in the game of chess it only goes to prove just how complex the game is. In fact there are some chess opening plays that are considered equally good for both the White and Black player, unfortunately these opening plays can not be learnt and only come through experience. It is important that you use logical and healthy thinking when playing the game of chess.

Each opening play has a name of its own so to classify any game of chess you will need to know the move which characterizes a particular opening. Unfortunately each opening play has a number of different variations to them and they also have names of their own as well. Many opening plays which are similar will lead to positions which also have similar features.

In any opening move, you can move your pawns either 1 or 2 squares forward. Before deciding which piece to move, however, you must think ahead to your main objective and how you want the game to play out. Then, move the piece that will help you move towards that plan.

The classification of any opening play depends greatly on the first move made and it can either be an open, semi or closed opening. An opening play is called Open if the white starts with the move of 1.e4 and black responds move 1.e5. Whilst a semi-open opening play is if the white starts with a move of 1.e4 but the black does not respond with the move of 1.e5. Then we come to an opening play which is called closed and this is when the white does not start with the move 1.e4.

There are wide variety of opening play open moves around from the Italian game through to the Spanish, Scotch, Four Knights Game to Phillidor’s Defence the Russian Game, Bishop’s Opening and King’s Gambit. Whilst such games as French Defence, Caro-Cann Defence, Scandinavian Game, Alechkin’s Defence and the Sicilian Defence are the more common semi-open opening plays used. Then finally there are the closed opening play moves used in such games as Queen’s Gambit, English Game, King’s Indian Defence, Dutch Defence and Slav Defence.

However any good player should know about all openings and be able to play them accordingly, it is important that you should gain experience and knowledge about these opening plays. Remember each opening play possesses a key idea and this becomes easier to implement once you are able to understand it.

Large Chess Pieces For Sale

Surprisingly enough, even in today’s age of video games and “instant gratification” entertainment, board games are still wildly popular. And many would suggest that chess reigns supreme as one of the world’s most popular board games, both in the U.S. and around the world.

Because of that, chess sets, chess pieces and related items still continue to be popular gifts. If you are in the market for a complete chess set, including both the pieces and a matching board, you’ll find many suppliers online that provide you with chess set combinations that are already properly matched. But if you need a new chess board to go and an existing set of pieces, or you are looking for a set of pieces to play on an existing chess board, then it helps to know how to choose the right size product before you make your purchase.

Scenario #1: You Already Have Chess Pieces and Need a Chess Board to Match

As you shop around for chess boards online, you’ll notice that most websites list the dimensions of the entire board as well as the size of the squares that the pieces sit on. The size of the board is somewhat important, but more from a standpoint of where you’ll be placing the board (e.g., on a coffee table, in an office, etc). The more important factor for choosing the right board to match with your chess pieces is the size of the squares. First of all, you’ll need to know the size of the base of the king. Then take that number and multiply it by 4/3 (or 1.33). That will tell you the MINIMUM sized squares you should look for when picking out your new chess board. Okay,, at the risk of doing math in public, a swift example:

– Base of the King: 1.5″
– Minimum square size: 1.5″ x 1.33 = 1.995″

In this example, a board with 2-inch squares or larger would be just fine. However, you do not want to go smaller since you run the risk of the pieces being too close together on the board, making them hard to move without bumping against each other. In addition, a board with squares that are way too huge would just look out of proportion.

Scenario #2: You Already Have a Chess Board and Need Chess Pieces to Match

Of course, the other option is that you already have a chess board and simply need to find the right chess pieces to match. In this case, the procedure is just the opposite as above. You will need to know the size of the squares on your board. Then, simply take that number and multiply it by 3/4 (or 0.75). That will tell you the LARGEST measurement you would want in terms of the base of the king. Again, a swift example:

– Size of the squares on your board: 2.5″
– Maximum size of the base of the king: 2.5″ x 0.75 = 1.875″

In this case, pieces with a base of 1.75″ or even 1.5″ would be appropriate, but obviously that great looking set of pieces with the 2-inch base might be pushing it a bit.

By following those easy tips, you’ll see that finding the right size chess pieces or chess board is swift and easy. And would not your math teacher be proud?

Free Chess Game Online Against Computer

Long days at work, job assignments to do at home, kids to shuffle to and from school and practice, meals to make, a home to clean, yard work to do, errands to runhow many of these can you say you have to fit into any given day? When the chaos finally calms down in the evening, you feel exhausted, but you also feel a sudden loss at what to do with yourself. How do you fill those hours you have to yourself when you’re too tired to even move?

How many hours per week would you say you watch TV? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Do you watch TV even when there’s nothing on that you really care to watch? Exhausted from a day at work, at school, and/or with the kids, you’re trying to rewind, but boring TV programs aren’t really making you feel any happier. You’re just filling the time.

Reading might be a fun distraction and everyone needs to exercise, but you barely have the energy to workout your mental muscles, let alone your physical ones. You may turn to the Internet for a change of pace from the couch in front of the TV. Considering the many uses of the Internet include academic and news articles, this may be a more stimulating use of your down time.

But how many people go online to read about the life of Beethoven in their free time? Most people stop by social networking sites or video sharing sites. If you’re going to play online, you may as well play online puzzle games!

Why play online puzzle games when you can whittle away your free hours playing MMORPGs (massive multi-player online role playing games) or an online shooter game? Fun distractions, like TV, have their place and time, but too much of something that doesn’t challenge you mentally or physically is a misuse of your free time.

Online puzzle games are the superb solution. They combine funso that you don’t feel you’re wasting” your free time on something tediouswith mental stimulation! Like stretching before exercise, you’ll gradually and gently wake up your mental muscles so that you can make the most of your free time.

After a few rounds of online puzzle games, you’ll find yourself with the energy you need to read, exercise, and spend any time on any other hobby you always say you wish you could spare more time foralthough the problem is not so much a lack of time as a lack of energy!

Online puzzle games can combine strategy with hand-eye coordination to get your mental muscles refreshed after a long day. You can find online puzzle game versions of chess, checkers, and go or just about any card game you can think of. Other popular online puzzle games include Tetris, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles.

If you consider yourself a fan of card and strategy online puzzle games, you should try playing dominoes games online. Although not yet as popular in the United States as it is in most other areas of the world, online dominoes is mostly all bit as exciting as Poker. If you find the right free online dominoes game Web site, it might be as visually stimulating as the very best PC game software!

Try a free online dominoes game at It’s not just a boring, table-top view of a few rectangles representing dominoes, it’s a completely interactive online dominoes game interface. Pick an avatar, have him or her sit down in at a virtual dominoes game table, and play against one to three computer players or Internet dominoes game players from around the globe!

If you need a refresher on the dominoes rules before you play, read through the easy-to-follow info page or click on the Help” button while playing the online dominoes game. If you need to practice your dominoes game before you take on other Internet players, try a few rounds against the computerized players to see how you do.

Online puzzle games like free online dominoes games are a free, stimulating way to make the most of your free time. Wake up your sleepy mental muscles after an exhausting day by playing ten or thirty minutes of an online puzzle game. Then go and use that mental energy to tackle whatever other project makes you a happier, healthier person in your free time!

Play Games Online For Free

Gaming, especially playing free games online has made tremendous progress and is here to stay for a long time to come.

Rapidly replacing most other forms of entertainment such as Televison and even traditional gaming consoles , it is addictive,cheap and most importantly FREE.

A recent comScore survey confirmed the impact of internet games is felt in wider sections of society. They discovered a large percentage of older gamers – just under 53% – of them were women. So what’s the draw of these games? First and foremost, they are fun and it is an opprortunity for the busy Mom to forget dutiesnd get lost in the world of online gaming. For sure, they are
not interested in anything complicated, just a good brainteaser or strategy game.

As a result of this explosion of popularity, there are many platforms offering many kinds of free online games with no need to for downloading. As a result, gaming lovers have many possibilities available to them. Some focus on a specific type such as adventure, action, strategy, board, or card games while others diversify and offer a broad range of free games encompassing all the categories above.

Furthermore, there are some gaming websites that are geared to offering a varied range of games in almost mostly all genre. One such platform is Gamerevolt which offers free games in categories such as strategy, adventure, rpg, strategy, puzzles just to name a few. It is like a one stop shop for games only they are free. The advantages of free online games is that you can do it whenever you can spare a few minutes or during yourcoffee break for instance. Some of these games are educational or brainteasers, others are for pure fun. Free online strategy games, such as Sudoku, for instance test your brain intellect without needing a pen nor paper.

Free online adventure games are the easiest to come by. Role Playing Games allows the gamer to impersonate a desired character while visitors can also pick an online partner to play multiplayer games enhancing the very social nature of gaming. Some platforms offer a system of rating which further enhances the experience of new visitors who visit later. Additionally, specific comments might be left on games on some websites. Favourite games might be bookmarked or sent to friends or placed on social network profiles such as Myspace.

Taking advantage of this social environment, some websites offer free chat so game players can hang out and chat, making new friends and meeting people from all over the world. Once again Gamerevolt is one such platform. Their chatroom allows visitors to create their own private rooms where they can invite their friends or new people they have met for a casual chat. Others add more social enhancing content such as forums, downloads and games cheat to their visitors. This includes X box game cheats Ps 2 game cheats Game boy cheats and cheats forother platforms.

Playing free games is certainly exciting as teens often find themselves in groups visiting cybercafes and enjoying new online games they discover together. Factoring in the fact that, the average cybercafe charges between $0.50 cents to $1.00 an hour, this is certainly cheaper than clubbing.

On the whole, online gaming is an explosive and social environment and set to expand futher in the future.

Therefore, the gamers paradise is set to become even better, with more free games being churned out everyday, and platforms becoming more sophisticated and offering a better social envioronment.

Chess Games Against Computer Free Download

We are able to divide these video games into broad groups for illustration shooting, action, technique and journey.

A different kind of free net video games that tons of folks appreciate playing is puzzles. On-line puzzles seriously are a well-liked leisure pursuit mainly because they are not only enjoyable to knowledge but in addition enhance the psychological vitality of the man or woman by continuing to keep your brain lively.

Whereas the interactive console game has become a fan favourite between gaming fanatics, free web video games present another form of entertainment that can enable alleviate tension. Irrespective of a person’s age, gender, race or language, there’s a internet-primarily based game available for everyone. You only have to get a internet connection to play video games of your likings. Flash based online games are truly very helpful for people who will get boarded due to excessive perform or examine. A thirty minutes of enjoyable can make you cheerful once again.

Most of us are aware of the down sides of playing games online. But when the growth and improvement of contemplating abilities are taken into account, playing on the web game turns out to be fairly benefiting. When you perform your favourite video game, it is really challenging to concentrate on other things. Even when the meals is acquiring burned in the stove, you hardly get away your eyes from the screen of your computer system.

We continuously hear that online games are quite addictive. Kids spent most of their time in enjoying it at the cost of their college, research hours as nicely as family members obligations. Furthermore, playing on the net video games on a standard basis can isolate children from friendships, shorten their sight and bring about serious well being issues. If you are the kind of particular person who spare a lot of time enjoying video games without having doing something, then it is some thing that you have to be concerned about. Most on the internet gamers do not care considerably about adopting radical modifications in their habit. Therefore we have discussed number of drawbacks of online games.

On the constructive side, these things have a quantity of strengths. Recent scientific studies have shown that taking part in pc games such as word video games and puzzle minimizes the possibility of Alzheimer’s illness. Several other scientific studies proved the beneficial effects of playing games on the minds of youngsters. It is also observed that enjoying online games such as puzzle, word as nicely as trivia improves the speech of children. Enjoying online chess can assist your child’s contemplating ability.

While you observe Tv, you are necessary to sit back and practically do nothing at all. There is no exercise involved. But pc games calls for psychological activity, which will enhance your reasoning capacities. Several folks consider that taking part in online games is a solitary act. But this is not generally accurate. Video games like backgammon, shooting games, sports video games, chess, billiard and so on are multiplayer video games the place you can essentially compete against other on the web players. In addition to this, there are many gaming internet sites and platforms such as chat, forums that encourage conversation amongst game loving folks throughout the world which in turn create their communication techniques.

How To Set A Chess Board

Whether one is looking for a beginner’s chess board or a tournament ready one, Bello Games New York has the extensive range of chess boards to delight the chess player whether expert or a novice.

There is a broad range of sizes of chess boards at Bello Games New York. They have the 1 1/8″ to 1 9/16″ squares, 1 ” squares, 2″ squares, 2 ” squares and larger and chess cabinet boards. Likewise, there’s a good selection of chess boards to suit every taste and budget. There is the Houston Street Chess Board that is an excellent choice for the beginner reasonably priced at only $24.99 as well as the Stuyvesant Street Chess Board from Spain at $49.99. At the other end of the price spectrum there’s the Albastro Chess & Checkers Cabinet Board from Italy at $499.99. The Albastro is an exquisite chess board is made up inlaid genuine Italian alabaster and worm wood constructed from superior quality materials. Another top quality chess board is the Mancini Chess and Checkers Board [$449.99]. The Mancini chess/checkers board exemplifies luxury! This is an exceptional board crafted by Italian artisans in Italy. This board will become the centerpiece of any room, it is crafted of briarwood and birdseye maple. The board is lined with a black onyx color along the boarder. There is a raised frame brushed with gold and sliver for a unique finish, the board has a high gloss finish. There is an array of chess boards at various prices depending on the finishing and materials used. These include the Greenwich Street Chess Board from Spain [$129.99], Agostino Chess board from Italy [$299.99] and the Napoli Chess and Checkers Board from Italy [$329.99].

Bello Games New York is located in Chicago, Illinois, just off the good “Magnificent Mile”. Bello Games New York, Inc. has a large selection of family games such as Chess, Backgammon, Rummy, Playing Cards, Gambling Equipment, Dominos, Go Sets among others. Their products are sold in famous department stores on Fifth Avenue in NYC to Beverly Hills to Monaco. Bello Games New York makes wonderful gifts and will surpass the client’s expectations. Bello Games New York provide unbeatable value, experienced selling staff and experts in their own game products, good customer service where the caller is immediately connected with a gaming expert and active involvement with their manufacturers in Italy, Hungary, France, Japan, Germany and China to ensure that their products are made to Bello Games New York specifications.

Bello Games New York, Inc. uses UPS as its main carrier. UPS charges are determined by the actual weight of the ordered item. The client will know the total cost before making the purchase. Once the client has completed shopping he/she will be able to select from several shipping options such as UPS ground, UPS next day air, etc. and his/her credit card will be charged. For more information on Chess Boards visit: bellogamesnewyork Please contact Bello Games New York, INC., at or call them Toll Free 866-570-4448.

Online Chess Game Against Computer

The Chess Game was invented thousands of years ago and right throughout its history it has become known as the king of board games. Such people as Napoleon, Charlie Chaplin, Einstein and Nikola Tesla where renowned for their chess skills.

Not only can the game of chess provide you with hours of pleasure it is great for exercising the intellect and the game is known to be able to improve someone’s analytical thinking their creativity and judgment.

Although during the past Chess was mainly played by those of a high standing such as courtiers etc., today you will find that the game attracts people of all ages and all works of life from around the world. Not only do several people find chess intriguing, but it also gives them a chance to pit their wits and skills against another.

Most that anyone requires to be able to play chess is a chessboard and chess pieces, you can even play online if you want (all you need then is a computer). A normal chessboard is 8″x 8″ with alternating black and white squares.

There are a total of 32 chess pieces, 16 white and 16 black. One player will play with the white pieces (WHITE player) and their opponent gets the black (BLACK player). The 16 pieces are made up of the King, Queen, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights and 8 Pawns.

At the start of any game the pieces are placed in their initial places as follows:

1. The player places each of his pieces along two rows of the board (ranks) closest to him.
2. The 8 pawns are placed in the front rank with the rest of the pieces placed behind them closest to the player.
3. Starting from the outside of the board and working into the middle the pieces closest to the player should be placed in the following order Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Rook. The order they’re placed in for the WHITE player is from left to right on the board and for the BLACK player from right to left. Thus you end up with the opponents same piece in each column (file) facing each other on the board.

To help describe the chess positions an “algebraic chess notation” was invented and is simple to learn as it helps the players to identify squares and pieces that are on the board during a game. Below we describe how it works.

When viewing from the WHITE player’s point of view the left most file (column) is known as “A” and the next one “B” and so on until we reach the right most file (column) known as “H”. The rank (row) which is closest to the WHITE player is then called “Rank 1” or the “First Rank” and then comes “Rank 2 (Second Rank)” and so on until we reach the 8th Rank which is the rank (row) closest to the BLACK player’s pieces.

Chess play might be complicated as each piece moves in a different manner. The object is to take the oponnents king, but this piece itself is fairly liminted in movement and can only move to an adjacent square. The Queen is the most versatile piece and can move any number of squares in any direction. The bishop can move any number of squares on the diagonal. The knight is the most interesting and moves in an “L” shape – up 2 squares and over 1 (or up 1 and over 2) in any direction. The rook can move any number of squares forward, backward, left or right. The pawn can advance only 1 square unless it is his first move then he can move two sqaures forward provided no other pieces are in the way.

How To Open A Chess Game

Some would say that the invention of the internet has been absolutely wonderful when it comes to chess because it has given us instant access to absolutely everything from news and information about the game to products, clubs and more including the ability to play the game online any time of the day or night. The problem is though that with all of these advances, cheating at the game has also become a lot easier and sadly, a lot more common.

Recently, many of the chess world elite have been accused of cheating during a game and while at one point that would have been a preposterous accusation, these days it’s not only a good possibility but a reality that is becoming all too common. How is it possible? Thanks to technology of course! It seems that the small gadgets that we all love for their convenient and almost discreet size and ability to get us online no matter where we are have also made it possible for us to get assistance with our moves without anyone being the wiser because of the sophisticated chess programs available today.

The reality of this is not only that people can cheat but it also opens adds a whole new element of dishonesty to the game that was not there in the past. A worthy opponent now runs the risk of being questioned and wrongfully accused for simply being a strong adversary who is skilled at the game! Being the winner of a competition now comes with the added possibility of being the centre of a smear campaign because more and more people are losing trust in others and in the game. And since this is a fairly new development and one that is not very easy to investigate let alone confirm; it is taking away some of the elegance of the game and bringing it down to a whole new and less desirable level.

A perfect example of this is the recent Aeroflot Open match between Igor Kurnosov of Russia and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan. Kurnosov’s quick win was accused of being the result of cheating, even though the referee found nothing on the winner but a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. This situation would never have occurred before the invention of the internet and wireless devices. A winner would have been praised on his ability and not accused of stealing moves from an internet program hidden in his pocket!

This doesn’t change that many of us love the sport of chess and it certainly will not make the game obsolete thanks to those who love it and play it at home and with friends, but it is and will likely continue to have an impact on competitive chess, the way it is seen and the way the tournaments are handled by the World Chess Federation. It may even deter people from wanting to advance to the competitive level which would be an absolute shame, especially given the fact that chess has was only finally recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a sport in 1999.

Pieces Of A Chess Board

You can find quality chess board games for sale at many online stores that have standard designs or you can have your chess set custom made. Keep in mind that, like any product, you get what you pay for, and if owning a chess set that will last for years to come is your goal, be sure to choose quality over price.

What does a chess board consist of?

In order to play a traditional chess game (non computer-generated), all you need is a standard chess board and the appropriate pieces that come with it. Every move you and the other player make during the game is ultimately aimed towards a win, in which the final objective is to capture the King of the person your opponent.

Standard size chess board games are 8 inches by 8 inches that contain squares which alternate in color, usually black and white. The two players start with 16 chess pieces each, with their own unique color. These 16 pieces consists of one King, one Queen, two Bishops, two Rooks, two Knights, and finally, eight Pawns. Each piece starts with its own unique placement at the beginning of the game.

Is chess suitable for children to play?

The game of chess can be played by people of all ages, and yes – especially kids. In fact, studies show that all games such as chess can help children build up mental sharpness and sharpen motor skills. And of course, chess is an extremely fun game to play.

Chess also helps children develop problem-solving skills and form higher levels of concentration than other children who do not participate in the same type of mental activities. Most kids spend their fun time watching television or playing outside, which is just fine of course, however young boys and girls who engage in the game of chess tend to develop the ability to make tough decisions faster than children of the same age.

Chess also enhances a child’s memory. The game of chess is played with the use of specific moves based on a person’s strategic line of thinking. When children are involved with this repetitive play-by-play strategy, they are forced to sharpen their memory skills in order to avoid a past mistake or remember particular moves that they benefited from.

Chess board games can be played by children with a traditional set, as described in the beginning of this article, or more conveniently, you can download free chess games from the Internet. Several chess-oriented websites contain instructional booklets, chess puzzles, and various levels of the game. Your kids can start at beginner levels and work their way up to more advanced sessions, and these online chess games also allow them to play against computerized virtual players.

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